Educational Success

Educational attainment is a key predictor for future success. MCF invests in strategies proven to have the most influence on students' long-term educational advancement and career preparation including early childhood education, supportive school environments, out-of-school enrichment and positive behavioral developments. For students who do not pursue a traditional path to college, we recognize a need for innovative workforce programs that cultivate job and life skills and provide young people access to career opportunities.

Our Goals:

  • Children enter school ready to learn and receive effective academic and social support throughout their educational experience.
  • Youth are nurtured to become skilled, self-sufficient and contributing members of the community.

Mathews 4-H Camp

Recent Grants

Spring 2019

Mathews County Public Schools - $2,500 to construct a brick marquee in front of Lee-Jackson Elementary school to improve communication with the public about events and activities taking place in the school.

Mathews County Public Schools - $750 to support positive incentives program for targeted populations in the PK-4 public education setting.

Mathews County Public Schools - $3,000 to support enrichment field trips for identified gifted learners in grades 3-8.

Mathews County Public Schools - $500 to support the Freshman Transition Fair at Mathews High School. This annual event is to help rising Freshman transition into high school comfortably.

Mathews County Public Schools - $1,720 to continue the professional development of the Mathews High School Science department to ensure students will be productive members of the worldwide science community.  

Mathews County Public Schools - $500 to support the professional development for the school counseling staff at Mathews High School.

Jacob's Ladder, Inc® - $8,450 to support three Mathews County children to attend the Jacob’s Ladder summer residential enrichment camp with year-round advocacy through middle school extending to high school for college and career preparation.

Coastal VA Wildlife Observatory - $3,000 to support the Kiptopeke Hawkwatch at Kiptopeke State Park, by helping pay for seasonal staff.

The Fairfield Foundation - $1,000 to support diverse, archaeology-based education and outreach programs in Gloucester. Developing and implementing engaging history/preservation programs in schools and for the public at Fairfield Plantation.

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Virginia Peninsula - $7,500 to support Project Learn at the Mathews Boys & Girls Club. Project Learn is a program that transforms the entire Club into a learning environment for youth ages 6-18.